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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Week Three: Personal Observation/ Window

This photograph was another that I took while working in Santa Fe this summer. It is the window section of San Miguel Chapel, supposedly the oldest church in America, originally built in the 1600's. There is much history behind this church, (as there is throughout the city and in the surrounding area) but I won't get into all that here... if you are interested, I would suggest googling it. I have photographed this church many times, and yet if I walk by & have a camera, I'd photograph it again. I always see something different. Different weather conditions for background, different angles that hadn't caught my eye before, or different lighting conditions that change the color & bring out new textures or shadow in this old adobe structure. I was actually out walking, scoping out view points to try to catch the full moon rising, but was deterred when I saw the afternoon sunlight hit San Miguel, turning the usual muddy brown structure a golden color. I love also how the setting sun brings out so much texture. During bright sunny days, everything you look at can appear so washed out, but as the sun sets, the soft light brings back all the detail. You can see the original line in the structure, as well rough areas that have been patched, and deep cracks that have formed. I probably took easily 30 photos of that church that particular evening, but for what ever reason, was really drawn this time to the window of this old structure. A window to the past? Perhaps. It just feels old... and in this day of prefabricated construction, destruction, urban sprawl & mini malls, it is somehow comforting to know that some things remain seemingly the same.

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