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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve on Canyon Rd, Santa Fe

Christmas eve on Canyon Rd~ no better place to be on Christmas eve in Santa Fe. The streets are closed down to traffic, and everyone walks the faralito lined walkways enjoying the festive atmosphere, stopping perhaps to warm themselves & sing a Christmas carol or sip some hot chocolate at one of the bonfires along the way. It's a Santa Fe tradition, and it being my first time, I can see why so many people come out to walk... despite the freezing temperatures, the experience warms the heart.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Lights on the Plaza, Santa Fe

Well, as most of you who know me can attest- when I am in work mode, I generally don't have much energy left for myself in the evening. But, since I'm only in Santa Fe a couple of weeks this time around, I have decided to fight the fatigue & at least get out a bit, if only to walk around the plaza & enjoy the Christmas lights. I am however, too lazy to set up the tripod in quest for the perfect shot. Therefore, my images are not the best to start with... but with a little editing, I am finding I can get some interesting images anyhow. My goal was to try to get that old film feeling... where the resulting pictures were always a bit distorted & had funky colors. Mission accomplished.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

On the Road Again

Random pics from the road. Pokey & Gumby were in my stocking & I felt it appropriate that they be placed on my dash for the journey to New Mexico. They seemed happy to be out of the plastic wrap & on the open road. This time my road trip took me through Hatch, NM, which is actually "the chile capital of the world...." an interesting tidbit of info that may come in handy should you ever go on Jeopardy. The next pic is of what I assume to be an old water tower (silo?), somewhere along highway 26. The contrast, size & texture of the structure made it stand out among the emptiness that is highway 26... I actually drove past, but had to turn around & photograph it because it just looked so striking to me. The last photo kinda caught me off guard, as the logo on this ambulance bears a very striking resemblance to the computer drawing I had done in class... I swear I had never seen it before. Trippy. Well, that's it for now... safe & sound in Santa Fe. It's always a good feeling to get to where you were going safely. Back to work tomorrow, so it is possible these posts may thin out a bit...

Getting Hungry?

Just trying to make you all hungry out there. I had written in a much earlier post about my mom, the artist... so I just wanted to share this work of art... a meal prepared by mom. She put together an "early christmas" for me during my short time in San Diego, complete with a lovingly prepared meal & the company of my awesome family. Thanks, mom!

Welcome to Sunny Southern California

I've decided to keep this blog going, even though my DMF class has come to an end. It's fun for me... kinda like journaling with pictures. Sooooo, hoping for a few sunny warm days in San Diego during my journey once again from Ashland to Santa Fe. No such luck. This is what it looked like most of the time, although we did get at least one beautiful, sunny day w/ temps in the mid sixties- heat wave!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

DMF Assignment: Book Project

I love a good quote almost as much as I love the beauty of nature. John Muir has some great quotes & wanted to pair them with some of my images for the book project. I think it turned out pretty well.
Image #1: When I Heard the Storm: Hwy 375, Nevada
Image #2: Climb the Mountains: Olympic National Park, Washington
Image #3: Out for a Walk: Cannon Beach, Oregon
Image #4: Forest Wilderness: Sangre de Christos Mountain Range, New Mexico
Image #5 Beautiful World: Mt Rainier National Park, Washington

DMF Assignment: InDesign/Table of Contents

With help from Dennis, notes from Miles' You Tube tutorials & the nice guy that sits next to me in DMF lab, I was able to at least figure out the itsiest bit of Indesign. Steep learning curve for the computer illiterate (that's me!) This seems much easier to do in Photoshop, but I can see how Indesign would be extremely useful... once I figured out how to use it. For me, I think that I'd need a full quarter specifically for that program. For now though, since I did the book over Thanksgiving break in Photoshop, I'll post it in that format. Oh, and the background looked black in Indesign, but it came out dark green in the blog???

DMF Week10: Other/Artist Andy Goldsworthy

My final entry for DMF's "other images" is artist Andy Goldsworthy. A friend brought me his film; River & Tides, which was absolutely beautiful & I highly recommend watching it. I'm not going to say much about his work, as I think the beauty speaks for itself... but I highly recommend this film.