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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

DMF Assignment: InDesign/Table of Contents

With help from Dennis, notes from Miles' You Tube tutorials & the nice guy that sits next to me in DMF lab, I was able to at least figure out the itsiest bit of Indesign. Steep learning curve for the computer illiterate (that's me!) This seems much easier to do in Photoshop, but I can see how Indesign would be extremely useful... once I figured out how to use it. For me, I think that I'd need a full quarter specifically for that program. For now though, since I did the book over Thanksgiving break in Photoshop, I'll post it in that format. Oh, and the background looked black in Indesign, but it came out dark green in the blog???


Steven Lee said...

Beautiful photos and I love the quotes. Any time you are working colors and the web, things can get screwy. If you ever have a choice to change color by numbers, 000000 will be black. I know its not quite as simple in photoshop though.

becky said...

Steven- thanks for the compliment on the photos and for your tips on working w/ colors & the web. I have much to learn about digital media & related programs!! :)