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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Days off are the Best!!!

I do enjoy my days off! Presently I am working far too much & far too hard... but sometimes this is just a part of life, and I try to accept this. I am paying down some of my tuition from going to school up in Oregon, and putting a little aside for my next "plan." It is my hope that soon, I will figure out a way to create a little more balance in my life. My plan is that by the end of the year, I'll have figured out a way to work part time, go to school part time, still make ends meet, AND have more time & energy for getting out in nature, and more time to do the things that nurture my body & spirit. Dare to Dream!!! Presently, I don't have time to squeeze in all the things in I'd love to do, and sometimes I just need to REST! That's what I did last week on my first day off. Leisurely coffee drinking, house cleaning, cloud watching... you know, the important stuff!!

"Rest is not idleness... or watching clouds float across the sky is by no means a waste of time."
J. Lubbock

On my next day off I finally got to meet one of my bloggy friends... Annie, of "Blissful Bohemian."  Annie is an artist living in Taos, New Mexico... I found her blog when I was living in Oregon, and bought one of her ceramic cups on her Esty site. Here it is, pictured in my Oregon apartment~

Isn't it just the cutest?! I thought it the perfect reminder to keep following my dreams! Annie is just as sweet & wonderful in person as she is on her blog. It was fun to see her art in person, have lunch & talk about art & life. you can visit her at:
I was also treated to a spectacular sunset on my way home!

In other news, my clay class starts next week, and I can hardly wait! I was inspired to buy a couple of bags of clay and start playing around early, so that I'll have something to fire & do some test glazing on. I love making these little bears!

 They are a little rudimentary & I still have a little cleaning up to do with them, but if they make it through the bisque & glaze firing, I think they'll turn out quite cute!

As for my upcoming class, there were so many fun classes to choose from, it was hard to decide! Below is the class I chose... a Micaceous Clay class. I doubt mine will turn out as beautiful as Anita's (pictured below) but how fun it will be to try!

Anita Ginocchio

"Micaceous clay has been used for centuries by indigenous peoples of the Southwest to create functional cookware, which has the unique quality of withstanding the direct heat of stove top cooking. We will build our pots using the traditional coil method, then scrape and sand them so that the walls are of a relatively thin and even consistency. The pots are not glazed, but are finished with several coats of micaceous slip, which are stone polished to a high luster. We will then do an outdoor pit firing, which embellishes the lustrous surface with distinctive smoke clouds. Instruction will be highly individualized, fully geared to the experience level of the student. Though the process is labor intensive, the product is a unique blend of beauty and utility. The vessels are remarkably sturdy, and once you have cooked with micaceous cookware, you’ll be hooked!"

 Sounds great, doesn't it?! I hope you're all having a wonderful week & are finding the time to do the things you love, too!


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Morning Sunrise~ Santa Fe,  New Mexico

"How Glorious a Greeting the Sun Gives the Mountains!"
                             ~John Muir

Monday, August 23, 2010

I Love the Farmer's Market!

I absolutely love the Santa Fe Farmer's Market! It was worth getting up early & going before work on Saturday.

It can get really crowded, so early morning is really a great time to go... I easily had enough time to stop at all my favorite booths, take photos, chit-chat a bit with the vendors & still make it to work on time!

My first stop is always for fresh greens... lots of others had the same idea!

There are so many wonderful goodies~ from freshly baked breads & local jams & honey, to organic, free range meats... and every possible vegetable in season that you could think of!

And spices too! Along with red chile, heirloom beans, soup mixes, & freshly made salsa!

Aren't these fingerling potatoes cute? They are particularly delicious fried up in olive oil & garlic! 

Another of my favorite stops is for Goat Cheese! It's a great addition to a fresh salad, but it's also my after-work-guilty-pleasure... Green Chile Goat cheese & crackers.... yum!!

If you live in New Mexico, then you know it's green chile season here, and there are chiles galore at the Farmer's Market!

Aren't they beautiful?! One of the coolest things (especially for a busy person) is that you can purchase a bag of FRESHLY roasted green chiles... which saves a lot of time!

Romero Farms

Chile roasting in action! Talk about fresh! In my opinion, green chile goes good with everything... I eat them plain, scrambled in eggs, with my sandwiches... I love 'em!

Another special treat were these organic blackberries from Santa Cruz Farms out of Espanola... probably the best I've ever tasted!

As if your mouth wasn't watering enough... some sweet treats!

I ended up having an apple/cranberry/walnut streusel (not pictured here... but equally as mouth watering!) The Farmer's Market is such a special treat for me! When I was up in Oregon, going to school & pinching every penny, I was living on some foods that were probably not that great for me... so there is a perk to that pesky full time work~ fresh food, among other things. I also feel good supporting the Local Farmers, versus the corporate giants. And from an environmental standpoint, think of all the fossil fuels saved from buying local! So many reasons to love your local Farmer's Market!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Pebbles, Shadows & Thoughts

Folks, I have to admit... my job seems to be taking most of my good energy, so I haven't been out taking many photos :(. The lovely sky photos I've shared in the last few posts have been when I've been lucky enough to have some interesting weather come my way after work. I spoke with a friend of mine "back home" today while on my lunch break, and she said "When are you going to update your blog?!" So I thought I'd share a few photos I took while out on a trail down south near Carlsbad Caverns about a month ago. These little rocks & pebbles with their shadows really intrigued me. I tend to pay attention to the little things... the details. With the sun setting, even the tiniest of pebbles cast such long shadows, and I love how the low light brings out all the texture & details in the rock. I think these images might also serve a future purpose one day as a template for a painting perhaps, or to try & achieve a similar texture on a clay surface. Speaking of clay, I did get myself signed up for a clay class in September... I can hardly wait, as I cannot begin to express how much I miss creating!! I'll give more details in a few weeks. If I can manage getting up early enough tomorrow to hit the farmer's market before work... I'll be sure to take my camera along & hopefully get some good shots to share!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Why it's a Good Idea to Carry Your Good Camera with You...

I could just kick myself!! I left work yesterday evening & saw these amazing skies off in the distance. I knew exactly where to go, just a bit above town to get the right shot... only I didn't have my good camera with me. It would have been only a tad out of the way to go grab it... but I was just feeling a little too tired (and hungry!) after work to make the side trip. Big mistake! My little 4 megapixel point & shoot just doesn't do this amazing show of nature justice! 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Somewhere, Over the Rainbow...

Rainbows can be fleeting... they are there for a moment, and then gone. Not so with this one... it was one of the most beautiful & long lasting rainbows I've seen (and a double one, at that!) I had just gotten off work, and was getting ready to have dinner with a friend when the thunderstorm rolled in, bringing with it the most amazing skies...

I am always in awe of such natural beauty... and  I was so excited to capture it, I didn't notice the raindrops on my lens until many photos later! (Click to enlarge.) It's long lasting nature allowed my friend & I to capture it from many angles around town.

Near the plaza above... and St Francis Cathedral below~

I shall never tire of such natural beauty! 
For another angle of this rainbow and a daily view around Santa Fe, visit Randy at

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nature's Artwork

There is nothing I could ever hope to create that would parallel the beautiful works of art that nature creates! If though, I could somehow capture the essence of this beauty through photography and share that, this would make me happy :). Northern New Mexico truly is a photographer's paradise... the summer thunderstorms create some of the most glorious skies I've ever seen. Though my work schedule is hectic, (I was inadvertently scheduled 6 days my first week!) I have the evenings to take in the spectacular skies...