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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Semester Season Finale!! Last Bears of the Semester: 9 & 10 of the Polar Series

Thanks to all that stopped by our Ceramics Show! I think it was a successful event & so nice to see everyone's work displayed in such a professional manner. 
(Sorry I didn't take pics of the event- just the set up- but some other people did, so hopefully those will make their way around.)
Now I'm just tying up loose ends & wrapping up the end of the Semester~ here are number 9 & 10 of the Polar Series. 
(#11 didn't make it into the kiln due to spatial limitations at the end of the Semester... so it'll have to wait patiently til next time!)

#9 In the Polar Series
Ann's Soda Cone 10 Clay Body- Salt fired to Cone 11
Satin Mint Modified Glaze
Dimensions: H: 13.5"  W:13.5"  L:22"

This was one of the 3 that I built w/ the Ann's Soda Clay Body while I was waiting for results on the others.

I have to say, I do love the glaze effects on the Ann's Soda, & while the Soda Kiln can be very unpredictable, the 3 done w/ this clay body came out very similar.

The only problem, as you recall, is the tendency of this clay body to crack in the Soda Kiln. This one, #9, actually cracked during the drying phase, despite my longer than normal drying time. I had used the "Magic Mender" for bisqueware, which actually worked quite well & sealed the crack during the bisque. At least temporarily... until it went into the Soda. While it didn't crack wide completely open during the final firing, you can see where it looks like it may have opened during the fire,(diagonal line below & to the left of the neck) but settled back down. I had sprayed extra glaze on on that part hoping that would help... note the glaze drip coming down from the neck as well.

Signature Soda Kiss on the face...

and arctic feeling polar haunches.

I photo'd these straight out of the kiln in my improvised photo booth in my little studio space at school. The photos aren't the best, but it worked in a pinch to get them documented. 
Below is my Piece de la Resistance of the Semester!
When it first came out of the kiln, I was like "Whoa, that's intense," not sure if I was liking it or not... it was so different than the others! It only took me about 30 minutes to completely fall in love with it, and it is now my favorite piece! And YES, it is the same glaze as the one above! Amazing what a difference the clay bodies make!
I had tested several little bears with the dark brown clay body with this glaze last semester... the results came out very dark brown... almost black, so I was interested as to how it would work on a larger piece. Below are several views. It can appear grayish to black with brown highlights, depending on the lighting. I love how the darker areas shimmer when hit by sunlight.

#10 in the Polar Series
Laguna Dark Brown Cone 10 Clay Body, Salt Fired to Cone 11
Satin Mint Modified Glaze
Dimensions: H: 15"  W: 10"  L: 22"

So that wraps it up for now! Now I've got to get to studio cleaning & get ready for my more permanent move this week. I've got one more clay related post on a workshop I took last month... will try to get it posted next week.
See you soon!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

7 & 8 of the Polar Series.... a.k.a "The Twins"

There are only 2 weeks left til the end of the Semester & I'm feeling behind schedule, so I thought I'd better squeeze in a quick post! Below are # 7 & # 8 of the Polar Series. I've fondly named them "The Twins." They were both hand coiled/built hollow w/ Ann's Soda, spray glazed w/Satin Mint modified glaze, & Salt Fired side by side in the Soda Kiln. Below is #8. He kinda looks like he's smiling.
#8 Ann's Soda Cone 10 Clay Body~ Salt Fired to Cone 11
Satin Mint Modified Glaze
Dimensions: H: 14.5"   W:15"   L: 14.5"

Below are several more views. It's funny, but I'll usually find an angle I don't like when I look at a finished piece (I can be my own worst critic!) not so with this one... It's one of my favorite pieces this semester.

Besides the signature kiss of crystallization on the nose of both pieces, I also have to say I love the way the pattern of glaze/salt/flame reaction worked on the back of the piece to create an ice crystal polar feel.

Below is # 7 from various angles.

#7 Ann's Soda Cone 10 Clay Body~ Salt Fired to Cone 11
Satin Mint Modified Glaze
Dimensions: H: 15"  W: 10"  L: 22"

I quite like the way this one turned out as well, though as you may recall, this one (#7) had a small crack when it came out of the bisque. I had tried to patch it w/ magic mender for bisque ware, which can be hit or miss in the soda kiln. It didn't hold up in this firing.

I hope to be able to repair it by using a 2 part epoxy & paint to match the glaze effects. We'll see how it goes next week... I've never tried it before, but am hopeful it'll work.

Oh, I had to show a pic of the twins together... they're pretty dang cute.

In other clay/life updates, the piece above (#9) that was repaired in the greenware state has made it through the bisque just fine & is now in the Soda Kiln, along w/ # 10, both of which will be unloaded Monday... I hope they make it through alright! I also successfully moved all my things into storage (wasn't able to find what I was looking for in such a short period of time & needed to get things done for clay, not to mention work!) Luckily I've found a 3 week sublet that'll at least keep me covered until the end of the semester!
Also~ BIG NEWS!!! Our clay class Integrated Projects, is putting on a Ceramics Show next weekend of which I am very pleased to be a part of, as it is showcasing the work of a very talented group of ceramic artists. 
Please click here for more details, or feel free to email me on my profile for more details. 
If you happen to be in Santa Fe, we'd love to see you there!
As usual, I'll be super busy the next few weeks, but I'll catch up & post as soon as I can!