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Monday, August 23, 2010

I Love the Farmer's Market!

I absolutely love the Santa Fe Farmer's Market! It was worth getting up early & going before work on Saturday.

It can get really crowded, so early morning is really a great time to go... I easily had enough time to stop at all my favorite booths, take photos, chit-chat a bit with the vendors & still make it to work on time!

My first stop is always for fresh greens... lots of others had the same idea!

There are so many wonderful goodies~ from freshly baked breads & local jams & honey, to organic, free range meats... and every possible vegetable in season that you could think of!

And spices too! Along with red chile, heirloom beans, soup mixes, & freshly made salsa!

Aren't these fingerling potatoes cute? They are particularly delicious fried up in olive oil & garlic! 

Another of my favorite stops is for Goat Cheese! It's a great addition to a fresh salad, but it's also my after-work-guilty-pleasure... Green Chile Goat cheese & crackers.... yum!!

If you live in New Mexico, then you know it's green chile season here, and there are chiles galore at the Farmer's Market!

Aren't they beautiful?! One of the coolest things (especially for a busy person) is that you can purchase a bag of FRESHLY roasted green chiles... which saves a lot of time!

Romero Farms

Chile roasting in action! Talk about fresh! In my opinion, green chile goes good with everything... I eat them plain, scrambled in eggs, with my sandwiches... I love 'em!

Another special treat were these organic blackberries from Santa Cruz Farms out of Espanola... probably the best I've ever tasted!

As if your mouth wasn't watering enough... some sweet treats!

I ended up having an apple/cranberry/walnut streusel (not pictured here... but equally as mouth watering!) The Farmer's Market is such a special treat for me! When I was up in Oregon, going to school & pinching every penny, I was living on some foods that were probably not that great for me... so there is a perk to that pesky full time work~ fresh food, among other things. I also feel good supporting the Local Farmers, versus the corporate giants. And from an environmental standpoint, think of all the fossil fuels saved from buying local! So many reasons to love your local Farmer's Market!


Doris Sturm said...

Dear Becky!
You would not believe the emotional roller coaster your post sent me on. First, I was doing a double-take reading Santa Fe, yet "knowing" you live in Oregon as stated in your bio...My daughter was born in Santa Fe, NM, 33 years ago on October 28th (almost a Halloween Baby)...then the goodies... I ADORE fresh veggies (something very difficult to find here) and by the time I was at the end of your post and saw those delectable sweet breads/rolls, I was drooling. Fresh bread and sweet rolls/breakfast pasty is my biggest down-fall...thankfully where I live we don't have much good stuff and I'm pretty safe. I'd hate to be surrounded with all that goodness and not being able to buy it (on Disability with high medical bills.)
I wish we had a farmers market here because we all should be shopping there and force the big conglomerates to get their acts together and offer us organic, fresh veggies, locally grown!!!! Why in the world do I want to buy oranges from CA, when I live 30 miles from FL???? ...and vice versa, when I lived in CA, I found oranges from FL...(I MISS CA by the way - the food selections were great there!)
I love chilies/peppers too and love hot sauce and peppers on EVERYTHING!

I look forward to reading more on your blog, especially since I find the black background a lot more soothing to my eyes than the white.

Well, it's so nice to meet you, Becky, and I am your newest Follower too. I appreciate your compliments on my crocheted cactus - he was fun to make ;-)

Till later,
Doris :-)

clairz said...

Becky, this post was beautiful in every way. Superb! I am so glad you are in such a wonderful place.

Wanda..... said...

Really enjoyed the Farmer's Market tour, Becky. It certainly has a lot of extras to offer. We have 2 local farm markets we can go to, but I have yet to see such enticing breakfast rolls!

Rick said...

What a great place to start your day!! You brought us a lot of mouth-watering goodies via your wonderful shots. I especially liked those plump blackberries - they grow wild here on our property and I picked quite a few back in July, but they didn't look quite this good ! I don't go to the farmers' market near here, mainly because we grow our own - nothing beat getting veggies straight out of the garden and eating them right away. I brought a whole bunch of carrots and beets for my daughters and parents this weekend.

Thanks for sharing, and I definitely agree with the buy local movement!

Barb said...

Your Farmer's Market looks pretty much like mine. However, I try not to stop by the bread and pastry stands. Now I see what I'm missing!

Pat said...

We stopped there, too, going through Santa Fe. Were there a lot of musicians? Did you see the arts and crafts across the street? I wrote a post about it last fall.

You asked about my Flashback Friday - we were out of town last weekend and I didn't have time to work on one - but writing about Sauk Centre was kind of like a Flashback since I used some pictures of when we had been there several years before!

I love all your photos of this market! Everything looks so fresh!

Randy said...

Wow it was a replay of my Saturday morning! You really got there early. When I got there around 9 the crowd was huge! Hope your week started off well.

anniecoeartist@peoplepc.com said...

Becky, These photos are wonderful! I love farmers market too, except Santa Fe has a way better one than Taos. But at least we have one.

Kate said...

Wow! You covered the whole place beautifully. I loved the market, even during the winter when we were there. During July and August I was enchanted by the squash blossoms, colour and form. There is so much to delight the senses there. We here in St. Paul also have a great market: no chilis though! We have tons of flowers and plants and Hmong handicraft among the fruits and vegetables, mushrooms, homemade soap with fresh bakery, bagels and Asian food to eat while strolling the aisles. I go every Saturday whether I need something or not. Buy all my meet at a neighborhood satellite market before I go downtown. Love all the food in my summer refrigerator and miss it dearly during the winter.

Your photos were great!!

JM said...

Wonderful coverage of the market business! Great shots.

J Bar said...

Terrific shots of the market.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Wind said...

Hey, Becky!
Glad to meet you and your stunnig photography!
Best Regards from Romania!