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Thursday, October 15, 2009

DMF Photoshop Collage Project

Ok, here it is, my first ever photoshop collage. How do I feel about it? Well... I'm not so sure. If I look at it from the perspective that it is my first real photoshop project ever (except for using photo shop to lighten/darken/enhance overall images) I guess I did an o.k. job. If I compare it to other's work, then, well, it kinda looks like crap. But lets say I don't compare... then I think it's actually pretty cool. Especially given the fact that I didn't even own a computer until this year, and before that, really only used one to check emails, update resumes & such. I actually just recently learned how to cut & paste. So, this is all new to me. I used six different images to create this project, all from various hiking trips mainly in the Sangre de Christos mountain range. My background was my friend taking a nap near Wheeler Peak in Taos. I decided to cut out his head for whatever reason & put the head of Zozobra (a 50 foot puppet- more on that later) in it's place. I then put in several images of critters I've encountered on hikes... kind of encroaching on this sleeping hiker... like they are curious about what the hell he's doing there. It feels a little dreamscapey to me. Anyhow there it is. I think once I get past the frustrations of layering & using the tools it'll get much better... 'cause it was actually kinda fun!

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