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Monday, October 12, 2009

Week Two: Personal Observation/ View from the Deck

After DMF lecture today I realized (after thinking i was on time for my blogging assignments) that I was actually behind on my postings! So, I figured I'd better get to it. My 2nd personal post is a photograph that I took the day I returned to Santa Fe, NM to work for the summer to fund my 2nd quarter at SOU (after a long educational hiatus.) After having several months off from work to devote time to making fun art projects, I have to admit it was a bit daunting to think of going back to full time work for the summer. However, after my 3 day drive, I was greeted by the most amazing thunderstorm! I love thunderstorms, thus, I love the summer weather in New Mexico. It can be clear as a bell, then moments later, the wind starts blowing in the storm. Flash flood warnings can arise in seconds... and there it is! Pouring rain, thunder that shakes the ground & lightning that cracks the sky wide open. As the storm dissipates, almost certainly, come the rainbows. It sounds cliche, but I just think rainbows are so beautiful... they make me feel good. Peaceful or something. Anyhow... if there was any consolation to knowing that I was about to be worked down to my bones...(I would later describe it as being tired down to my bone marrow) it was the fact that I got this amazing greeting from mother nature welcoming me back once again to "the city of faith." In many ways, that deck & those views consoled my spirit. And, actually, I think it is a darn good photo!

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