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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Week Three: Other/ My Nephew's Photo Shop Project

For this week's "other" I chose an image my 16 year old nephew sent to me- a project he worked on in his high school graphic design class. (Graphic Design in high school- how cool is that?!) I chose this image for a few reasons. One is just that I thought it was cute! Another is just a commentary on how much things have changed in a relatively short period of time due to our technical advances. When I was in high school we took typing for God sakes! Oh yeah, and home ec (do they still even teach that?) so we could learn to be good little home makers I suppose. Anyhow, I always tell my nephew he is lucky to be learning these things at such a young age... that it will give him a jump start when he goes to college. When I told him I'm confused & having some difficulty learning photoshop & layers, he doesn't quite understand the problem, and says something like "Aunt Becky, it's really easy." To which I spout off something about young brains being like a sponge, how new concepts are much more easily absorbed when you're young, and something about my frontal lobe deficits. He just laughs. Another reason I chose this image is a lead into my next post, which will be my photoshop collage project. Maybe you can vote on which image you like better. Only kidding... it may hurt my emerging artist's self esteem if you vote for this one- so just disregard that last statement! A side note to my nephew Cody- great job! Keep up the good work, & don't let your new job detract from your school work. You have the rest of your life to work, and just a couple more years of free education!!!

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pinnick95 said...

This is so great!!! thank you very much!!!!! i love how you put mine on there!!! so i made a blog too, check it out!!! pinnick95.blogspot.com yay, now i can post you comments