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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Week One: Personal Observation

Huh. My first blog. I'm doing this blog for an entry level digital media class & I actually have no idea what I am doing, but it looks like I am doing it. I took these pictures on the ET highway in Nevada, on my 1,400 mile journey from Ashland, Oregon to Santa Fe, NM to work for the summer. I love road trips & seeing new parts of the country I haven't seen before. The ET highway is close to "the loneliest road" in America... though I really didn't find it lonely at all. I love stretches of open road, where there aren't many other people... just you, your car & and several hours of driving without cell service or gas stations. (Remember the days before cell phones? Road trips were so much more adventurous back then!) Hwy 375 skirts the infamous "area 51" and I admit, I was a bit dismayed that I didn't see any actual aliens or anything! (perhaps they only come out at night... like ghosts, bogey men and such.) I did, however stop in Rachel, Nevada.... (a place that could be missed if you blinked) to buy some alien paraphernalia and a cup of coffee. No one that worked there claimed to have witnessed any alien activity, either... perhaps they are in on the cover up. Ha! And that, folks, does it for my first blog.... until next time.

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pinnick95 said...

This is really interesting..... it would be nice to go there someday!!!! haha... i got a job to pay for it... how did they get those stickers up there on that sign???