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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

DMF Week 7: Personal Images/Sculpture 1

As I was going through the class schedule yesterday, trying to figure out what classes to take next quarter, I decided to email a friend from sculpture 1, to see how she was enjoying sculpture 2. She had started a blog with her work posted, which was really cool. It made me decide to veer from my usual photography postings to posting some of my sculpture 1 projects. Keep in mind, they are all 1st quarter sculpture projects- so don't judge too harshly! In these two projects, we started with a cylinder of plaster & just chipped & carved away until we came up with whatever it was that we had in mind... in this case a bear & a wave. I had done some clay work before, but found this process interesting, as it is a negative rather than additive process. If you accidentally chip something away- that's it- it's gone... versus clay, where you can always build up or add something in. Fun stuff!

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