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Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Open Road

Damn, this blogging thing is addictive. I don't think we even need to post images during Thanksgiving break. I think I am just putting off things I need to do... like packing up. So, I sit, looking through my images & thinking. I often take pictures through the windshield when I'm driving on long, desolate stretches of road. I really don't know why... it's just something I do. For this one, I actually pulled over & got out of the car. I am not for the paving of America, but there is something I love about fresh asphalt. I don't know what it is exactly... but something to do with the black shininess of it, the stark contrast to the natural surroundings, the way it sticks slightly to your feet if you walk across it... even the smell of it. I liked this picture because the road just seems to stretch out into forever.

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