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Sunday, November 22, 2009

DMF Week 9: Other/ Artist Colette Hosmer

I was actually looking for another Artist's work online (with key words "artist uses dead animals") when I came across Colette's work. I found it interesting how she works with so many different materials. I actually came across her article first & really liked what she had to say. I guess because I could relate in a lot of ways. I've included a link to her website... I tried to include the link to the article, but I'm experiencing technical difficulties...see quote below for an excerpt... or google for the full article.

Desert Donuts
gypsum sand, yellow and red sand/dirt, Sangres, pink volcanic ash,1.5"x3.5" diameter2003. A Physical Map of the Earth - Addison Parks Gallery, Santa Fe and Taos, NM

  • Pipe-line
  • dried preserved minnows, steel
  • 9'x8'x6'
  • 1998
  • Museum of Fine Arts - Santa Fe, NM

"in fact I never intended to become an artist; I guess I didn’t think that I could. I really didn’t know what it meant to be a professional artist or how to go about doing it. I was just following a passion. Because I wasn’t attempting to participate in the art world I had a certain freedom. I wasn’t worried about what was expected of an artist and because of this I was able to go in a direction that was truly my own" (Art Interview Online Magazine)
source: Art Interview Online Magazine

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