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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spotlight on Advanced Art Student & Printmaker

Yeah, I wish I could take credit for making such a cool print, but alas, I cannot. This is the work of an advanced printmaker & fellow student, Carel (pronounced Carl) Schonerd. This is the first class I've had with him, but every time we have critiques (yes, that is where we all put our work on the wall for all to see/critique/judge.... ugh!) I am drawn to his work over any others. When I saw this one, I asked Carl if he might be willing to let me purchase it, and he gladly did... at a ridiculously reasonable price. I love this print for so many reasons. First & foremost, it just has such wonderful, flowing, expansive energy. The beautiful blues he chose in printing suggest to me the flowing movement of water... almost reminiscent  of a crashing of a wave.  And while there is a certain abstract quality to it, it is also unmistakably refers to natural world with the tree & mountains... representing elements of the earth that I am inherently drawn to.  The technique used here is referred to as "collograph," something I haven't yet had the chance to learn, but if I stick around 'til fall, it'll be offered again in Print III. Probably worth sticking around for! Until then, I am glad to be the owner of a "Carel Schonerd Original." And when he becomes a famous artist.. I can say, "yeah, that guy was in my printmaking class way back when."

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