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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Aquatint~ Take 3: Tree w/ Night Sky

So, this is it~ my 3rd attempt at aquatinting (not counting all the reworking of plates yesterday!)
It's by far my favorite image, and it actually came out the way I wanted it to with the dark sky & bright stars. It's really fun to post my results along the way... that way I can see where I came from, & the meshing of ideas to results as I understand the processes just a little bit better. This quarter is quickly coming to a close, so I'll probably spend most of the time reworking plates & printing the ones I already have. I do have an idea for a much larger print (these have all been 8x 10~ now I'm thinking 12x 18!)
Larger plates are a little intimidating to me. How to compose & fill all that space feels like quite a challenge.... so we'll see.

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