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Friday, February 26, 2010

Aquatint~ 4th Plate in "Night Sky Series"

Well, I did it. I went for one more project & went big~ 12x18 rather than my standard 8x10. I wasn't ready! I had difficulty filling in so much space & wasn't super excited about the results. (Plus, that large plate was a pain to ink & wipe, let me tell you!) Well, I just look at it as more practice. I've seen some really interesting results from other artists using this technique... but I think before I could really branch out, I needed to wrap my mind around the process & repetition helps me with that. I only printed one of these so if I ever become a famous artist it'll be worth a mint! :).  I then decided to cut the plate & just include the mountains & full moon, which I liked a bit more.

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