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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Printmaking- Woodcut in Progress

A little frustrated with the results so far on my latest woodcut. It is based on this photo I took on the Oregon coast... but I had a difficult time turning my idea into the desired result. Printmaking can be frustrating in this aspect as it is very time consuming to do the initial cuts, mixing & achieving the colors desired, a day's dry time in between each color & run through the press,  & of course the clean-up. I really liked the color combinations I came up with on the first 2 runs... but on the third run (trying to darken in the sea stack & reflection in the water...) I kept coming up way short of the desired result, which is not pictured here as I'm still working on it. I tried printing it 4 different ways with slightly different colors, and now I am down to only 3 remaining like the one shown here... so after all that work, I may not even get something I like out of this one! I imagine with more & more practice, the execution from ideas to results improves. But for now.... arrrgh! 

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