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Monday, April 5, 2010

Shades of Gray & Sunshine

This is what the sky looked like today in my little town... and yes, this is an actual photo... looking straight up. It actually looks like this many days during the long winter! Various shades of gray.

Having lived here through the entire winter... I now know they weren't just making up that "Seasonal Affective Disorder" thing... I'm tellin' ya, it's for real! I don't just recognize it in myself.... but everyone seems to be just a little happier... a little more optimistic when the sun is shining! After a stormy day all day on friday, the clouds parted & the sun made it's most lovely appearance! I LOVE IT when that happens!!

So, of course I thought I'd better get out & document it!

I drove up & out of town... camera in tow.

I am a sucker for big puffy clouds & landscapes!

The view above town~

Looking forward to Wednesday!!!

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Snow Showers
43° F | 31° F
Chance Rain
49° F | 31° F
Partly Cloudy
63° F | 36° F
Chance of Rain
49° F | 31° F
Partly Cloudy


Barb said...

Spectacular spring skies, Becky! You're lucky to have such an expansive view! I can see the storm clouds brewing in that last photo. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your predicted sunshine happens on Wednesday. Right now, I'm in Breckenridge and it's snowing.

Wanda said...

What a view you have there in Oregon, Becky! Love the second and last photos!
I took some billowy cloud photos myself Saturday afternoon. Spring will come, we had our first dramatic spring thunderstorm last night, hail and all.

Jennifer Phillips said...

OMG. Those cloud photos are gorgeous! Reminded me of a favorite artist of mine... check her work out when you have a sec, your jaw will drop for sure!

Jenny said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I love sky pictures.

Swing by the health food store and get some vit. D. That can really help with SAD!