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Friday, April 16, 2010

Photo Etching~ Learning New Techniques: Assignment # 2

Our assignment last week was to play with text & image by using ink, toner, sharpie & so forth on frosted mylar... to see how those marks translate once we expose the plates, develop & etch them. Also just continuing on with working on applying film correctly to our plates, getting our exposure times times down and so forth. My results were far from earth shattering, let me tell you! But, I kinda felt that way in Print 1... when everything was new. And, this is a new technique with many directions you can go... so, I tell myself... "Patience... Grasshopper... Patience." :)

Basically, you just draw, write, ink up this mylar~ place it over your plate (plates shown here without film), expose it, develop it, etch it, clean the plate (takes forever!) and then, finally get to print it! I had to do 2 plates with text- neither of them worked well. I think it had to do with the translucency of the marker I was using. Aye Carumba... the learning curve strikes again!

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Barb said...

Hi Becky, I learn something new every time you post. (But - please don't test me on it!) You've used some of my favorite quotes.