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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wind Energy & Wildflowers~ Along Highway 58, near Tehachapi, Ca

I know some people think these are a blight on the landscape. I just don't feel that way. Let's face it- we live on a very populated planet...  and growing by the day. While some people believe our natural resources are limitless... the  simple scientific fact is that they are not. I don't believe enough is being done to explore renewable energy. I have a little bit of conspiracy theory going on in my head with Big Oil, the government, and why the exploration of, and transition to renewables has been slow to catch on. If you haven't already- watch a few documentaries on the subject, & you'll see what I mean. So when I see these, it makes me smile... because things are at least starting to be done... you know, baby steps. Plus, I just think they are kinda cool looking. Land sculpture, if you will. Also, they are really a lot nicer to look at than massive urban sprawl & tracts of Mc Mansions.

I was also greeted by a lovely display of California Poppies in bloom on the green hillsides!! It's funny, because I used to always drive the Grapevine (very large freeway that drops into L.A.) in & out of Southern Cal... I only found the "back way" through Tehachapi a couple years ago. A much prettier drive, and far less traffic!


Barb said...

Hi Becky, I think the wind farms are very sculptural - we see some in UT just before Spanish Fork. You come off a pass and suddenly they are there in front of you, waving! Those hillsides of poppies are spectacular, too - esp since it's snowing here in Denver.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if they are a bit ugly, they're prettier than smog and global warming.