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Monday, January 18, 2010

Printmaking II: Woodcut Results

The long awaited- and by that I mean it took a long time to finish- Woodcut. I picked the finished print up from the studio today & was a little impatient with the photographing... poor natural light as it's such a gray day, but when I use the flash it obviously reflects the ink. I think it turned out much better than what shows up on the final print below. Anyhow, just showing some of the stages:
Initial run- orange; then cut away sky,
2nd run- brown; then cut away mountains,
3rd run- dark blue/light blue rainbow roll,
inking just the river on the last run.
This quarter, we're only turning in 4 single prints, rather than editions of 3 to 5... but I've found to get the results you want, it's necessary to do a lot of printing. So, to my family/friends... you may be getting some prints in the mail soon! :)

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