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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kiln Alchemy :)

Just got some work out of the kiln that I am really excited about! As you may recall, I was not getting a lot of results that I was super crazy about w/ the recycled clay I was using this semester. After seeing some results a classmate had using a darker (but more expensive) clay body, I figured I'd give it a go. I had actually used this clay while taking a class @ Santa Fe Clay last year & had liked some of the results, but never achieved results like this. FYI~ these were all fired in the soda kiln, which is also a new experience for me... & I find the results quite intriguing.

Laguna Dark Brown Clay- Spotted Shino inside, Coleman Teadust outside, Salt Fired, Cone 10

It's my favorite piece of the semester so far!

Check out the inside surface- It is truly Alchemy!

I tested it on one of my little bears too & thought it made for an interesting surface.

I ended up making 32 of these little guys. I was going to glaze them all like this, but I changed my mind. While I'll definitely glaze some more like this, I also wanted to test some other glazes. I currently have 12 still drying, 10 in the bisque kiln & 9 glazed & awaiting firing.

Interestingly, this bowl was dipped in the same glaze as the top one, but 2 dips instead of one- the effect came out totally different. I like it o.k, but nearly as much as the top one.

This was a test cup. The glaze was made in my glaze calc class from mixing 1/2 of the slop from my Satin Mint Triaxial & 1/2 of the slop from a classmates triaxial (Peach Bloom Glaze- modified.) It's a little drippy, but I like it for inside surfaces. (I also tested this clay on one of the bears w/ the dark brown clay- can't wait to see how it turns out!)

More test cups- using Ann's Soda Clay, flashing slip, Purple Haze liner & dip.

Ooooh, I also got all my new triaxial tests back, minus 1 tile that went MIA. (It's like the 1 sock that goes missing when you do laundry!) I retested the Ann's Soda clay body on the left, and High Hills on the right. 

Out of the 21 points on the triaxial, these 3 were my favorites. I hope to use a combo of these three to glaze the big bear, which has been patiently waiting on my shelf for the past 6 weeks or so! We are quickly coming up towards the end of the semester- just when I feel I'm getting into the swing of things. I've been super busy, trying to get as much done as I can... because the more I do, the more I learn... and that learning is just good stuff!


Annie said...

Becky, They are all so beautiful!
You are learning so much!
But don't be a stranger :-).
Have a great week! xoxo

DirtKicker Pottery said...

Wow! Your bears are amazing! The Mug is awesome. I love the contrast of the glazes. I think it's fantastic that you are learning so much about glazes. How cool!

Wanda..... said...

You are a good example, Becky... of letting the Beauty of what you love determine what you do!

clairz said...

Love, love, love the bear. And oh, my, aren't there are gazillion combinations and possibilities in the clay body/glaze/firing technique choices!

Tammie Lee said...

yes the learning is good stuff, i like that.

they all look wonderful. your dark glaze reminds me of deep fertile soil, gorgeous.

wishing you a grand time!

Anonymous said...

I can see why you like these this look--it is beautiful!
the colors are rich and very classy. I didn't think I would like your bears any other way, but I was wrong.

Barb said...

You've accomplished so much! That top bowls so lustrous. I do like the brown glaze on the bear - each time you use a different glaze, I decide I like that one best!

Randy said...

I love that blue rimmed cup and the bear. I really admire your patience and creativity. I hope you have the best weekend!

Randy said...

No worries my friend. I hear you with the school, work, school. The stress of my final project is really bad this year. It's all I can do to keep treading water. Not to mention we were supposed to close on another house this week and the owners are flaking out so we may lose another one. I hope you have a good weekend even if you have to work.

Kate said...

Hi Becky, Haven't checked in for awhile, and I see that you continue to be really, really busy while learning tons about glazing. I love you favorite bowl and the glazed bears.

Hope you're well, healthy, and happy!! XXOO Kate