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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Last Bear of the Semester... and an unintended clay break... :(

I was soooo looking forward to this week! I was to have 4 days off to finish up clay projects as the semester is coming to a close... but alas, it was not to be. I am not a big believer in getting the flu shot, for many reasons... but I may change my tune in that regard for next season. After feeling like complete hell for 4 days, I drug my feverish self to the urgent care yesterday, where they confirmed with a nasal swab that I do, in fact have the influenza A virusI've missed the entire week (don't think I did not shed a tear over this!) of clay classes... instead resigned to being in the supine position *miserable is an understatement...* just beginning to get upright again. OK, semi upright anyhow... I do admit I am blogging from a semi-recumbent position on the couch, but I digress. Here's the last bear I was working on a couple of weeks ago~

I had started it at school, but as usual, ran out of time & had to bring it home to work on.

The head came along a little easier than normal, but I realized the back was way too low...

so I had to cut it open & add more clay.

Here I reached a good stopping point for the night & put it under wraps until I could get to it again. I supported the heavier/wetter portion of the clay so the head wouldn't shift much.

And here it is drying, once I carved & shaped the finishing touches. I have to admit, out of them all, this one is my favorite! I've heard via a phone call from a classmate that he came out of the bisque just fine... and is now patiently waiting for me to get better & get on in there & glaze him.

Well, wouldn't you know it, I built him a little clay buddy, ha ha. (Actually, the brown one is a belated B-day gift for a friend & co-worker.) Cute, huh?
What else was I up to claywise, before this dreaded virus knocked me on my butt? Tons of stuff. Amidst throwing a bunch of pots, & mixing up glaze concoctions, I also got the other big bear glazed, finally! He does look a little funny to me now, but that's ok... I'm anxious to see how the glazes turn out on him in the Soda Kiln after all that testing in Glaze Calc. 

It's also the first time I've used the spray booth, so it'll be interesting to find out whether I did it too thick, too thin, or *hopefully* just right. He didn't make it into the last firing, so I am secretly hoping they're loading another Soda Kiln whilst I am regretfully away.

Isn't that a beautiful sight? It's our large gas kiln loading up last week. I had numerous pieces in this kiln, but alas, I have been unable to go in to see the results! I'm hoping by Saturday I'll be back to my old self & can get into the studio!! I had a good eight or so pieces that needed trimming that (despite covering well before I left last week) likely have become to dry to trim. :( 
I'm really bummed I missed the last week of throwing, but I do have quite a few little bears & pots to glaze before the final firing next week, sooooo... wish me luck!


Rick said...

Now that's a real sad story, Becky - to miss out on a week's worth of doing what you like best is bad enough but to have to be suffering horribly at the same time adds injury to insult. Here's wishing you a recovery in time for Saturday !

You almost made a flu shot believer out of me - but because I'm stubborn, I'll likely have to suffer like you did before I get one.

Hopefully you get to enjoy the weekend.

clairz said...

I'm so sorry you are sick and missing the things you love. Maybe they can give you some make-up time in the clay studio?

I had my first successful flu shot this year--no bad reaction, no flu. In the past, I swear those shots made me sick, although the doctor always argued that it was something else.

Get well! Love that perky new bear.

Kate said...

Becky, Just wrote on an earlier post of yours that I hoped you were well, healthy, and happy. Oops! What a bummer to get that nasty flu now (or at any time for that matter!), but it's just something else that life throws at you to see what you're made of...stern, strong stuff, I know, so go get 'em!! Hugs, Kate

Tammie Lee said...

oh, so sorry that you have not been well!

so fun to see your bear unfold and yes, the full kiln is a wonderful sight!

do you dream about bears? I would imagine you do by now.

Randy said...

I hope that this post finds you feeling alot better. I also can't wait to see your finished pieces. This weekend is the Contemporary Clay show at the Women's Center. As for our house, we lost it because the sellers got into a big family fight and decided not to sell. Oh well the hunt continues. As the semester comes to an end I wish I could say the stress of my final project but it's just reaching it's peak. Onward and upward.

Pat said...

I sure hope by the time you read this that you are all well again! I, too, didn't get the flu shot and I was sick for 7 weeks in the winter with a bad cough and cold. I guess we learned our lesson, right?

I just love the step-by-step photos you post of the process of making the bear. It is quite interesting AND unbelievable! I do love the shape of this latest bear. He is quite a beauty! I hope when you return to class that you find your work did not dry up while you were gone!

marianne said...

hope you're feeling better. it doesn't seem to matter whether i get the shot or not, if i'm going to get sick i do, seems abt the same (but maybe not certified "flu"). anyway- so sorry you missed the week, and can't wait to see how everything turned out!

Annie said...

Becky, I have been a bad blogger, mostly because something is very wrong with my computer and it takes it forever to load a blog,but I finally made it over here. I love the bears! I am so sorry you were so sick, I hope you are all better now. Hugs. xoxo