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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Glaze Test Results & Other Clay Stuff

 We just got our test results out of the kiln for the triaxial glaze tests we did a couple of weeks ago... and let me tell you, I found the results pretty exciting! It is totally amazing to me that just very slight variations in color combos give such a wide range of results and totally change the effect of the glaze.

The tiles above were fired in the gas kiln. The top tile is the base recipe for "Satin Mint Green," while the left corner is the same recipe w/ copper carb added, & the right corner is the base w/ added rutile. All the tiles in between are variations of the three.

We fired 2 sets of tiles~ gas on the left, and the soda kiln on the right. (My soda tiles 4, 16 & 21 went MIA, but I'm hoping they show up when the next soda kiln is unloaded.) Click on image twice to enlarge to see detail in the test tiles & how the same glaze gets totally different effects in the soda kiln.

Above is a line test that I did w/ a classmate. We took the "slop" (mixture of the three color points on the triaxial) from each of our glazes & mixed various percentages of each~ Satin Mint green on the left & Easy Red on the right. Pretty fascinating, eh?!

This bowl is the result of taking the "slop" from my Satin Mint recipe & applying it to a piece. The tiles are great for testing, but it is nice to how it looks on actual work. The glaze went on really thick, and did run off the pot a bit in the soda kiln, but I love the effects!

This piece was also glazed w/ the Satin Mint Green (dipped in point "C" on the bottom, "slop" on the top, and point "B" in the middle- from the triaxial test) & soda fired~ it really ran off the mug! But, I was not dismayed! The reason I picked this glaze to test is that I am trying to come up w/ something cool for my larger bear sculpture. I chose to dip the mug in various percentages of the glaze tests to see how it would react... and I am thinking the results are turning out really cool! Problem is, I made the larger piece on a different clay body... which changes everything, and so far my test tiles on that clay body look totally different than the effect shown here. Will have to run more tests!

Recycled Clay, Spotted Shino~ full dip, then Bailey's Red over

We also got some work back from my wheel throwing class. Out of 6 or so pieces, this was the only one I liked! Most of my bowls were thick & clunky, and I am having difficulty achieving consistent results on the recycled clay I am using. For example, the Spotted Shino you see in the middle stripe above has also turned out almost pure white, orangey satin & gray! 

More bowls... after I finished the last bag of recycle, I switched to a dark brown clay that I've used in the past. I still have quite a few recycled bowls to glaze, but I am hopeful that I'll get some cooler results w/ the rich, dark clay body.

And, yes, the bears are still multiplying.

I figured I'd do ten, which turned into twenty-three... so far. One of the guys in my class suggested I do 100! Don't have time for all that presently, but should get 30 or so done & ready to be fired in the next couple of weeks. Keeping busy, to say the least, & am really enjoying my classes this semester!


Barb said...

It's so scientific - my head is swimming at the complexity of the dyes and also the different methods of firing. I will never look at pottery in the same way after realizing all the decisions that have to be made. I like seeing the growing bear clan - I notice you've used different clays for 3 of them. I'm in Denver - can you believe it snowed here last night and is accumulating? Our pear tree is blossoming but shivering.

Anonymous said...

Love the green cup and bowl, and those are usually not my favorite colors.

Randy said...

Looks like you got some amazing results on your tests. I love the tiles that you fired in the soda kiln and that first mug is wonderful. We've dived into our final project that has to be done in pieces over the next 8 weeks. It's a challenge to say the least. Have a great rest of the week!

Tammie Lee said...

your tiles look so artful the way you have them laid out. how wonderful that you are discovering and creating colors. it all looks fab.

Annie said...

How did I miss this post? I checked in just a few days ago, at least it seems like just a few days :-). I love the mug with the cool bottom, I hope you can get the same results on the bears. Glad you are having fun!
Happy Easter!

Rick said...

Amazing the different effects you can achieve with a slight change in the color combos. I really like that first cup - now THAT's character ! Maybe you can produce 100 differently colored bears ;-) Nice work, Becky.

Hope you had a good Easter.