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Saturday, March 26, 2011

One Finished Piece & More "Magic Clay" Testing

Finally! A finished, fired, glazed piece! I was quite happy with the way it turned out, though it's not very large, perhaps 4 inches tall & 6 inches long. I used a clear glaze on a white stoneware clay body. Though I got it back right before spring break, I'm just getting around to posting... as I have been working a ton this week! In the evenings, I have been trying to muster up a bit of creative energy to work on further Magic Clay testing. I would say it's highly likely this next piece blows, as I believe I was pushing the boundaries a bit in terms of what I think this clay can do.
Day 1:
Rolling out tubes (which will be legs & body)
& letting them dry. 

Day 2:
Moisten dry body, slip & score, add more clay...

& add the legs.

All legs attached, now we have a loose bear form.

Scoring the form for addition of more clay.

Day 3:
Adding more clay to try to shape the bear. At this point in the process, I could see it would have been more helpful to have started w/ more than random hollow tubes & given more thought to the final form. It's legs were too long & the body a bit short. 

Day 4:
Finishing up. It is in times like these that I have some serious envy of those of you that actually have studios! (Or homes, or garages, or space!)My impromptu "studio" set up in my apt takes up about a 3rd of my tiny living room space!(And makes for some serious clean-up afterwards!)

The semi-finished bear. I definitely could've kept going on this piece... but I had already added so much clay, and I could tell I wasn't going to get it to look the way I wanted due to my lack of pre-planning.

Plus, supposedly, you are able to go from dry clay to wet, (if you moisten, slip & score) which you cannot do w/ "normal clay," but I have some serious doubts to whether this will actually work & really didn't want to spend much more time on it if the chances are high that it won't work!

So, we'll see what happens. It'll likely take weeks to find out, so I guess I'll just have to start another project...


clairz said...

Ooh, love the finished bear! I really like the way you are doing a whole series of bears. It could be that this is the way artists work, I just don't know. I DO know I love your blog, Becky.

joco said...

I know, I can see how cramped you are at present. How I would love to have you share my work place. It would be such fun to watch your 'objets' mature.

You have caught the persona of the polar bear just right: the way they amble and move their head slowly from side to side. You can almost see them do that.

KClark Photography said...

I hear you on space issues. Plus the cats think everthings better with some extra fur on it. Love the finished bear. Feels very Alaskan to me.

Barb said...

That little glazed bear looks like marble. I LOVE him! I hope the clay testing bear can stand the firing (literally!). I was wondering about woman/bear, but she is probably still waiting on the shelf. Hope spring has come to you there in NM, Becky. Were getting a snow storm in Breckenridge tonight.

Rick said...

I'm amazed again as you take us through another series of steps from 'lumps' of clay to a finished (pre-firing) piece. And the little guy at the top turned out real well !

I've got lots of space back home but you'd have to drive about 2,000 miles to get there !

Have a great week, Becky, and good luck with the firing.

Kate said...

I LOVED reading about the whole process and the finished product is fantastic. I'd love to own some of your pieces someday when you're ready to begin selling!!

Wanda..... said...

Over the months I've blog with you, Becky, I've learned you're very talented and patient. Love the finished bear.

Annie said...

This is my favorite bear yet!
Good luck with the paper clay bear!

Erin K. Nolan said...

Although you say it isn't what you wanted, it does show nice movement in your photo. I like it very much! You also say that you don't have much space. I've found that that is the sign of a true artist. You create where you're at in any way you can. Some people tell themselves they can't do their art until they have a studio or the perfect situation...they are the ones that will never get anything done. Can't wait to see your next project!

LauraX said...

love your bear Becky...looks so strong and grounded...having this bear around would make me feel very safe.

Christina said...

Beautiful! You're work is amazing, not that I am the least bit surprised. I hadn't been back to your blog in a while. I've been missing out! I hope you're well dear friend.

Dawn said...

Just wonderful! He looks so real...I can almost see him move:)