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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

For Japan...

Sending Wishes of Love, Compassion & Healing

In the wake of the Natural Disaster of the 8.9 Earthquake, and subsequent Tsunami that have struck Japan, as well as the ongoing threat of Nuclear Meltdown... my heart goes out to the people of Japan. The loss, the destruction, the terror are almost unimaginable. Here I sit far away in America, wondering what in the world could I possibly do to help? The only thing that I could think of, besides sending thoughts & prayers, was to donate money to an organization that has the power to really make a difference. And I think they really need support at a time like this. At first my thought was: but yeah, how is my few dollars going to help? Then I started thinking about how much could I give. Well, I figure I could do about one hundred bucks on my student budget. Still, what difference would that make, really? BUT!!! Then I started thinking about the population of the country that I live in. Now, yes, we are in tough economic times... but unless you have lost your job, I figure almost everyone could spare as little as 5 bucks (or 10, or ???) Now if you multiplied that 5 bucks (or 10, or ???) by 300 million (roughly our population) or so... now, that has the potential to make  a HUGE difference! I've put together a little list of reputable organizations... just click on the links below. I've decided to go w/ Mercy Corps. There is also a list of artists below that are donating their work for sale/auction w/ the Proceeds going to Non-profits to assist Japan in their time of need. Please consider helping if you have not already.

Mercy Corps: (be the change.)

Habitat for Humanity:

Red Cross:

Salvation Army:

Artists Donating works for Sale/Auction for Japan:




This is obviously just a small list & there are many more to be found. I was just hoping to present some ideas on how a little gesture can make a big difference. Thanks for reading & considering, and 

Please, pass it on!


"You can do no Great Things... only Small Things w/ Great Love."
                      ~Mother Teresa


Wanda..... said...

A little is never *too* little...it all adds up. I blog with two Japenese women who live in Nara, Japan, which is farther inland. One is turning off her computer in order to save energy...she stated "drops turn into showers"...

clairz said...

Wonderful post, great information, Becky.

John Brisson said...

Thanks Becky. Wonderful post!!

Anonymous said...

You can count us in ! We sent in 100 dollars too! Awesome idea...they need all the help they can possibly get !

becky said...

Hey Anonymous~ is that you Mom? Thanks a bunch!!!
:) Beck

Randy said...

Awesome post Becky! Love the photo too.

工具器具備品・Ammonite said...

Hello,This is comments from Japan.
My English is very poor so I can not enough Thanks. Thank you Becky.

clairz said...

Oh, Becky, that last comment (from Japan) made me weep.

Annie said...

Beautiful post Becky. Thank you for the links. xoxo

forgetmenot said...

Such tragedy and sadness--what a nice thing for you to post to help us "help out". Mickie

Rick said...

May the trickle of donations multiplied by many many people turn into a torrent. A tragedy that we can all play a small part in helping relieve the suffering.

Great post Becky.