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Saturday, July 24, 2010

This & That~ A Post From Clovis, New Mexico

I have to admit, I haven't really seen much of Clovis, New Mexico since arriving here 3 weeks ago. During the week of course, it's all work... and when I'm off in the evenings, I haven't had much energy left for exploring. That has long been the problem when I'm working full time... all other pursuits fall by the wayside. At any rate, I thought I'd stick around this weekend & see what I could find. Lo & behold the "Wiener Dog Races" were in town this weekend! Don't laugh, apparently this is a national event! It was kinda funny though, I have to admit. Here's the "racetrack~"

I'm guessing the entire race is about 50 ft long.

The owners put their dogs in numbered slots... and off they go!

O.k, so some of them just walk out, sniff each other & then wander into the crowd...
Their owners are at the finish line, calling them in hopes they'll run down the track.
Some do, like this little guy~

They were kinda fun to watch... for a half hour or so. After the festivities, I decided to head to the original downtown area. Here's looking down Main street~

It seemed as though most of the shops were closed for the weekend, or closed... period. It seemed a bit sad to me, because it appears this was once a vital area.

Alas, the Rock & Roll Museum was closed, too! Clovis was actually well known "back in the day" for it's recording studio- Buddy Holly recorded "Peggy Sue" & "That'll be the day..." there. A little Clovis trivia for you! There's also the Old Hotel Clovis, built in 1931 by architect Robert Merril. In it's heyday, this hotel hosted such names as Louis Armstrong (how cool is that?!) Glenn Miller & Hank Williams. From the info I could find, the hotel was shut down shortly after the Santa Fe Railroad discontinued passenger service to Clovis. It is now vacant & securely closed up, due to vandalism.

A side view.. I love the old fire escape~

I Also found this cool old Mural... I love the part where it says "200 miles to next Gas..."
it makes me think of simpler times, and more open space than we have today.

Leaving Clovis, and heading south toward Portales~ a storm hovers in the distance...

My goal was to go to the Sunland Peanut Processing Plant... I had been by there a few times but they were closed... today they were open! They are reportedly one of the nations largest producers of Valencia Peanuts... and I heard their peanut butter was delicious.

I picked up some peanuts & peanut butter to ship home to the family (It's fun to send home local goodies from the places I travel)... and for myself, a special treat~ Peanut Brittle!

YUM!! If you are ever passing through... this peanut brittle is highly recommended!

For more tales from Clovis, (and more recently, Las Cruces) visit Clair's Blog @


clairz said...

Thanks for posting that link, Becky!

Yes, festivities in Clovis... They're in a class by themselves. It's a unique place. I really like your photo of the hotel fire escape.

Love that Sunland's peanut butter, especially the vanilla cranberry variety.

Btw, we'll be listing a home in Clovis for sale pretty soon (at a price unparalleled most anywhere in the U.S.), in case anyone is so moved by your tales that they want to move there and experience a way of life that few ever see. LOL.

clairz said...

And one more thing, two actually. Your header photo is beautiful, and that Picasso quote is the best I've ever seen for the High Plains.

Dee said...

Hi Becky, I have been catching up on your travels. As someone who does not get to travel far I find your travels very interesting.Thank you for taking the time to share them.

Barb said...

Hi Becky - the big city has passed you by, but you seem to have found some "exciting" times in Clovis! Love the photos of the old buildings - esp. the fire escapes. Yum to the peanut brittle! PS Just finished the novel, Heroic Measures, which features a wiener dog!

Pat said...

A wiener race! How fun! Nothing like going to a local festival! Was the Wiener Mobile there?

Never been to Clovis, myself. I hate when the old towns have lost their use. My friend's daughter lives near there. Isn't there an Army or Air Force base there?

becky said...

Hey Pat,
Yes, Cannon Air Force Base is here. I think the downtown was a vital area back in the day when the train was running through. I love the old buildings, but it would be nice if they could be revitalized & put to use.