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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Quick Trip to Tombstone, Az

Why Tombstone? Well, it's roughly the halfway point in between Santa Fe & San Diego, & mom, grams & I thought it would be fun to meet up for a couple of days while I was on break from class.

 Tombstone was a big silver boom town during the late 1800's, but perhaps most famously noted in history for the Shoot Out at the O.K. Corral, involving Wyatt Earp & his clan. For info on history & tourism, click here.

While the history of the area is quite interesting, the town today is based around tourism and has the feel of a modern day theme park. Most of the old historic buildings are now gift shops & eateries, and there are cowboys on most corners, trying to entice you to go to various "shoot outs," or ride the guided trollies or stage coaches... all for 7- 10 bucks a pop per person.

Streets of Tombstone
At that price, one could go go broke being a tourist in Tombstone! We chose to do only a couple of things~ the stagecoach ride, which gave an interesting narrative of the history of the area, and one Shoot Out... at the O.K. Corral, of course!

After the shoot out, the guys were nice enough to pose w/ all the tourists.
Below~ Doc Holliday, Gram, Mom, Wyatt Earp & his brothers.

O.k., truth be told, we also decided to meet to work on our pots together & just hang out a bit. Mom had a Micaceous pot that was sanded & ready for slip application & polishing, thus needed a demo... here she is working away on her pot at our place in T-stone.

Below, our polished pots ready to be bisqued~ which will hopefully occur some time in June. (I had started the pot on the left waaaay back in Oct of last year, but class ended before I had a chance to finish it! I am also amazed the pot on the right is only mom's 2nd pot- she is a quick study!)

Gramma also brought her violin along to play for us. Pardon the videography... I don't have a video recorder, so I had to use my point & shoot camera to record her playing, but didn't want to miss capturing the moment.

Unfortunately, my camera video function cut off the end of the tune, but it still is quite lovely, & seemed fitting to the background of the Wild West.
Oh, p.s.~ if you should decide to visit Tombstone, we found a quite lovely little place to stay @ the Lucky Cuss Cottages- for 99 bucks a night, you get a quaint little 2 bedroom cottage with a full kitchen... it suited our needs perfectly, and had much more charm than a motel room!


Anonymous said...

I have seen it on television. Looks interesting. I see you come from an artistic family. I enjoyed your Grandma's music.

Barb said...

Hi Becky, So glad that 3 generations of strong women met up in Tombstone (of all places)! It's neat that you can be your Mom's teacher - her bowl looks great! And as for your Grandma - I gave her a standing ovation and my son came over to listen to her play. The kids are here - I'm tired, but we're having fun.

Anonymous said...

I love Tombstone. It's a wonderful place for photographs. I hope you enjoyed your time away.

clairz said...

Becky, what a talented family you have!

My husband secretly wants to be a Tombstone cowboy. It's great to know of a good place to stay there, thanks for that.

marianne said...

looks like a nice break. and what a talented family! tombstone is on my list of places to check out, so thatnks for the info-

Carolynn said...

Looks like a cute place to visit, but I think I'd tire of the touristy stuff pretty quickly. I love Santa Fe and San Diego, so you never know, I may get to Tombstone one day. The cottages sound nice and cosy.

Wanda..... said...

What a joyful time you, your Gram and mom created for yourselves, Becky. The violin music fit the occasion so well, you have wonderful memories to cherish!

Ms. Becky said...

you surely do have a whole lot of talent in your family - and three generations of women together for a weekend - how fun. loved the video of gramma playing. and your pots too. I always start singing "Take It Easy" whenever I hear reference to Tombstone. Those Lucky Cuss cottages look nice and kitschy - my kind of place. thanks for sharing your fun. happy week to you Becks.

Pat said...

I sure did enjoy the video of your Grandmother playing the violin! What a beautiful song, and a beautiful and talented lady!

Your mom is also beautiful and talented!

I liked Tombstone, too, but it IS touristy. It's fun to walk around, though.