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Monday, December 12, 2011

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas... :)

Ok, perhaps this doesn't look like Christmas to most people, but to a clay loving Chica such as myself... it looks a whole lot like Christmas to me! Not to mention the fact that when you've been waiting in anticipation for weeks to see how your crazy glaze-dipping concoctions have turned out... well, It's kinda like that feeling the kids get waiting for Santa... hoping they get something from their Christmas list, and not for example, a lump of coal. Metaphorically speaking, I got both.

I experimented with 4 different clay bodies and numerous glazes, which resulted in a large range of results, from super cool, to so ugly I'm glad I took good glaze notes so I'll know never to do that again!

Above~ a random sampling, and below, some of my favorites pieces.

This mug was my # 1 fave. I love the shape, size & glaze, but I especially love the handle. Have you ever notice how mugs fit in your hand? Some handles are two finger holds, some three, some four. The handle to hand fit often determines my favorite mugs.

The mug on the left was hand built & funky & I love it. The mug on the right was wheel thrown, way too small to be a proper coffee mug, but I totally dig the glaze combo.

Two of my favorite bowls.

These? Well, I'm not the craziest about them. I've found with all the pieces I've gotten out of the kiln so far, the ones I like the best were made with darker clay bodies. These were done w/ a white clay, & I'm just not super excited about the way the lighter clay bodies interact w/ the glazes, and I tried a lot of different glaze combos! The feel to me is just not as earthy & natural as the effects achieved with the darker clays.

Above, a darker clay with a couple of different glazes works for me... a much more earthy feel.

And the finished bears~ I totally love them! 

 I tested different glazes on each one & came up w/ about 3 combos that I would definitely use again. 

My favorite!

I've still got 2 larger bears & about 12 or so pieces (both white & dark clays) yet to glaze, which I'll get in to finish later during the week~ though those likely won't be out of the kiln 'til 2012! That's fine though, because I've got plenty to get started on for gifts... and have been as busy as a Christmas elf packing them up w/ goodies to ship "home" for Christmas!
Hope you're all having a wonderful December!


Randy said...

Wow I am loving that red mug! Looks like it was a success. Hope your staying warm and enjoying the holiday's so far. Are you going to visit family for the holidays?

Wind said...

Wonderful work!
My best regards from Romania!

clairz said...

I'm looking for that "rough" bear from a couple of posts ago--can't wait to see how he turns out. Love the grouping of all the bears together. Lovely stuff, Becky!

marianne said...

how exciting! to my uneducated eye, they all look great- and the bear herd is awesome- lucky gift recipients!

Sandy said...

My first visit here and I love your blog! I love your work too.=) I'm with you on your faves. You're very talented. I've always secretly wished I knew how to make pottery-looks so cool. Keep warm! Looks chilly in NM.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a favorite. Each piece has its own beauty. I hope you are not going to mail your presents!

Pat said...

Yep. I'd agree! You've got lots of nice pieces there!

It's been raining cats and dogs here for the past two days. Wonder if you're getting it as as snow?

Tammie Lee said...

hand made presents are the best! I love your pottery, yea to the lucky people that will open a package to find one! I love your mugs where the handle is smaller at the top and larger at the bottom. I want to hold it in my hand and experience what that might be like. Each piece is wonderful. you must be so happy.

Annie said...

I think it all looks wonderful. I love that shape of mug too.
Here I am working with the whitest clay, and you the darkest, but of course I am not going for an earthy look, so it works for me, but I can see why it would not be your favorite. Keep up the great work!xoxo

Kate said...

Love looking at all the mugs. I, too, love the speckled mug. Yes, they have to fit "just right" in one's hand.

Helmka Family said...

WOW! Becky these are all so beautiful!

Leif Hagen said...

Becky - I love, love your pottery! Pottery is one of my weaknesses....
Kate of the St. Paul Daily Photo blog introduced me to your blog!
Kind regards from EAGAN daily photo blog in Minnesota
PS - You'll see me and my wife on Kate's blog today

Barb said...

Catching up and love, love, love the pottery but especially the BEARS! My D-i-L painted me a Mama Bear for Christmas - a very cherished gift.