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Saturday, September 3, 2011

When Bad Things Happen to Good Wolf Pups, Meeting Bloggy Friends, & Other News...

You probably won't recall, because it was sooooo long ago... but I had been working on a larger wolf pup sculpture using commercial micaceous clay, but was unable to complete the firing process when my class ended, so my work in progress has been hanging out in my storage unit. I actually had started this project in May! I had gotten this far when spring break started & figured I'd finish it during break, which I didn't get around to doing... it ended up riding around in my trunk for a week or more, and I planned on recycling it & turning it into a pot when I returned.

Once I returned to class after break, surprised that it survived covered & wrapped in my trunk, I decided to keep going with it.

Below is the wolf pup finished in it's wet state....

and then bone dry & polished with a Micaceous Slip.

It survived the bisque fire at the end of the semester, and I was planning on doing the final fire as a Raku firing this fall (see pot on the side bar, I was hoping for a shimmering black like the little pot.) It sat in my storage unit dutifully protecting my belongings until I returned to Santa Fe... BUT! Unfortunately, it became a casualty to the moving process. I had had him sitting in a good place where he wouldn't fall off something, but wouldn't you know it... in my hasty moving process, I knocked him over... and well, you see the rest. I couldn't bear to throw him out just yet, and may see if I can morph it into something else at some point.

In other news, as I was dealing with my noisy rental/lease situation from my last post, I was lucky enough to meet up w/a fellow blogger, Kate, from St Paul, MN, whose company was a welcome respite from all that stressing out! Look at that smile... that's enough to de-stress anyone. :) We had a lovely visit... she is a pleasure to be around & we got to chatting like old friends. Kate is the author of several blogs, one based on her experiences in & around Santa Fe (click on her name above) as well as a daily photo blog from her home state of MN: Visual St. Paul. Go visit her- she's awesome!

We went to The Pantry... a favorite locals hang out, 

and, because it's all about the food... (did anyone say "Green Chile?)
I am showing you about the best breakfast burrito ever. Smothered, of course.

In the time since Kate & I met, which was only a week ago, I have started clay classes again, moved all my stuff back into storage (yes, I know, I had just moved it out!) & I have managed to get out of that noisy lease arrangement (at a $500 loss- but sanity is priceless!) Being that I didn't find out for sure if the Property Manager had secured a lease from someone else until the last minute, I have been quite busy to say the least... packing, moving, attending class, and again looking for a place. In the interim, I have camped & hotel-ed it the past few days... and am currently writing you from Truth or Consequences, NM. Tomorrow I'll be attending the Chile Festival in Hatch, something I've been wanting to do since I first came to NM years ago... so stay tuned for a very chile related post!


Randy said...

You can been a busy little bee. Kate told me all about your visit and I wish I could have been there. I hope you liked the Pantry. I can't believe you went down for the festival. We were planning on going but we are having issues getting the closing on our house completed. We have always wanted to go too. I can't wait to see your photos. School has started out with a bang oh and yes I am working on another media arts class. Have fun down there and be careful on the drive home.

Annie said...

It is so fun meeting bloggy friends, if I did not blog I would not have met you and that would have been a shame, glad you had fun with kate. Happy that you are over a bit of a hump and now things can flow for you. have fun and like Randy said drive carefully! xoxo

Pat said...

You certainly are a mover and a shaker! So sorry about your wolf pup breaking after all it had been through! It turned out so well, too!

I hope you find an apartment soon!

Isn't if fun to meet up with a fellow Blogger?

Barb said...

Truth or Consequences, huh? I had a bit of outpatient surgery last week (and will have more tomorrow) so missed your post. I think that you and the wolf pup are survivors - maybe a little chipped but still able to stand and become what you're meant to be. Glad you got out of the noise pollution.

Ms. Becky said...

well shucks, don't know how I missed this post. so you did move out of that noisy spot, so that's good. we all need peace of mind. sorry about the wolf pup, but I suspect you will save him after all!