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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Printmaking/Photo Etching~ Setting up a Tableau

For one of our final prints, our assignment was to set up a tableau consistent with our body of work, mine being the old adobe churches of New Mexico. Here's the set up~

One of the many photos taken to create the idea I was looking for~

The first two copper plates were total failures, but on the third, I had enough to work with that I could rework the plate by further hardground applications, use of the needle tool to "draw" in fine lines, and "spit bite" techniques. Here's the resulting print~

I still find it odd that I was having excellent results with some of the earlier images, but had lots of trouble with the Photo Etching late in the quarter. The lack of consistency was frustrating! However, it did give me the opportunity to keep at it... working & reworking plates until I came up with something. This print went over well during critiques... so it wasn't a total loss!


Barb said...

You'll laugh- I enlarged the tableau to get a better look and was initially HORRIFIED to realize you had all that dirt on a towel on your CARPET! Then I thought - how freeing - I wish I could play with dirt in my house, too... It has been so interesting to "watch" your works in progress this semester, Becky. I had all the fun and none of the worry... I like to see how you get from a starting point to your finished piece of art.

Wanda said...

I am so impressed with your results, Becky! Though like Barb, I smiled after enlarging the first photo. Great work I think!


becky said...

Barb & Wanda~
my other option was to do it outside... but living in an apt complex, i figured my neighbors might think i was off my rocker... lying on my belly, shining my headlamp on bricks from various angles & photographing them!
& it was an easy clean-up!