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Monday, May 31, 2010

The Eleventh Hour

Wikipedia describes The Eleventh Hour as  a colloquial expression meaning  "a time that is nearly too late."  A perfect title for my Final Print... as that's when I got it finished! I was experiencing a few setbacks late in the quarter in terms of consistency & results... but through much diligent effort & persistence, I pulled off this Final Print the day before our final portfolios were due. Turns out, it was one of my favorite prints of the quarter! I feel it retains a bit of the photographic quality that I like, but also enhances the textural elements and detail found by utilizing various printmaking techniques. (The final print is actually sharper than what appears here.)

A closer view... I had fun trying out different colored inks & papers on this plate to create slightly different feels.

This was the original image I took last summer of the window of San MIguel Chapel in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Of the many photographs I took of this church, this was one of my favorites... and made for a wonderful template for my explorations in photo etching.


Bernie said...

I don't know anything about photo etching except that I like it. I shall be interested to see more of your art works.

What other types of art are you interested in?

Annie Coe said...

This is a wonderful etching and the orignal photo is terrific. Glad you got it in under the wire.