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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Micaceous Pots/ Ceramics Sale & Wrapping up the end of the Semester

Just a quick post! These are some of the Micaceous Pots that I completed this semester in round 2 of my Studio Practice Class. While my emphasis this semester was obviously on completing the bear series, I also really wanted to finish these pots so that I could participate in our annual student ceramics sale. Most of these I had started earlier this year but they were placed on the back burner so to speak. Each pot is oven & stovetop safe and built using clay that is hand dug clay from the mountains of northern NM and is not commercially processed. They're built coil by coil, and once bone dry, are meticulously water scraped, hand sanded (earlier this semester when it was much warmer- you could find me outside of the studio sanding for hours!) & polished/stone burnished after application of a fine micaceous slip. While it is a very laborious process, I have to admit, once they are fired, it makes the entire process  quite worthwhile.

Bean Pot 1: Collaboration
Bean Pot 2
Wavy Rim Casserole: 3.5 Quart & Small Wavy Rim Dish 3/4 Quart
Closer view of Small Dish

3.5 Quart Casserole/Serving Dish

3/4 Quart Bowl

Small Bowl

Raku/Reduction Fired Bean Pot: 2.5 Quart
Raku/ Reduction Fired 1.5 Quart Fluted Bowl
2 Quart Lidded pot

View from the Top
Raku Fired 3/4 Quart Wavy Rim Bowl
In addition to the Micaceous Pots, I had a series of the little bears ("the smalls") out on the table.The first day of our sale on wednesday was quite successful and it was fun to be out there with all my fellow students/clay people. 

The second day we got snowed out! Yup, you heard right... by Thursday morning we had 4-6 inches of snow... that, along with weather advisories was enough to shut the school down for the day. Bummer! But so it goes. Unfortunately it also delayed the last firing of the Soda Kiln, but with any luck, it'll fire during finals in the upcoming week. I've now photographed 6 out 8 of the bears from this Semester &  I'll photograph # 7 this week if the lighting is good. Number 8 has been in the kiln almost a week in freezing temps awaiting firing, so if it makes it out o.k. I'll try to get it photo'd as well so I can post them all at once. So that's it for now- a very busy and productive semester!


Randy said...

Wow, I am sorry we missed the sale. We had every intention of going but the week got away from us. Did all of these sell? I walked Todd by your little studio so he could see your bears. We were hoping you might have been there but figured you had to work. We went to the sale they had yesterday and to pick up a photograph that I had printed. Can wait to see the photos of the bears. Oh are you going to be at the Red Dot show?

Barb said...

So sorry you were "snowed-out!" It's been so frigid in CO - I'm back in the mountains, and we have both fireplaces going plus some space heaters. Our furnace just can't keep up with the minus temps and wind chill. Your pots are beautiful - made with love! I'll E-mail you.

Randy said...

Hi there,
We are going to try and make it on Friday. I have a dentist appointment late afternoon on Friday. Hope your week is going well.

Randy said...

I wanted you to be one of the first to know. WE GOT A HOUSE! Hopefully this link will still be up http://santafesir.com/listing/201305278/

It's 20 min north of town in the Pojoaque valley. Can't wait for you to see it in person.

DirtKicker Pottery said...

Hi Becky,
Your new pots are awesome. I love the fact that they are NM natural clay. Just lovely.