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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fresh out of the Kiln~ 5 & 6 of the Polar Series

Things are moving along nicely & pieces have been getting fired on a regular basis this past month. This is super exciting for me to be able to see the results of work done over the course of a semester especially given all the different clay bodies I'm testing~ it gives me so much information as to what works & what doesn't! These two were actually built in February and given about 3 weeks to dry, then bisqued, glazed & fired in the soda kiln- I just got them out of the kiln last week. The entire process takes roughly 6-7 weeks start to finish. I was very happy with the way the glaze worked on this clay body! 

#6 Death Valley Red Cone 10 Clay Body; Salt Fired to Cone 11
Satin Mint Modified Glaze
Dimensions: H: 12.5"  W: 10"  L 18.5"

Aerial View :)

I love how this piece received just a kiss of crystallization on the nose & cheek.

Closer detail of glaze on piece~ 
(click on any photo to enlarge to see greater detail.)

Below is number 5 in the series. And yes, it's the same glaze! While I am not as crazy about the colors in this finished piece, I do like all the tonal variation achieved, and I find it so interesting how using different clay bodies can dramatically change the effect of the same glaze.

#5 WH8 Rough Cone 6-10 Clay Body; Salt Fired to Cone 11
Satin Mint Modified Glaze
Dimensions: H: 15"  W: 15"  L 14.5"
Another angle & detail~

Now, let me tell you, I did have some lofty goals for this semester in terms of how many bears I wanted to create, but with the upcoming move I originally decided to stop at 10. That would give me time to pack up, look for a new place & such. But noooooo, being the clay obsessed student that I am, I decided to go for one more. For number eleven, I went back to the NM Clay Super Sculpt (the first clay body of this semester) as I really enjoyed the glaze effects on that one, and I also enjoyed building with that clay body. All went really well, and I was building at a pretty good pace... until I got to the neck & head.

I had gotten to the point where I was thinking all I needed to do was spend maybe four hours to put the neck & head on... though I wanted to try something a little different... maybe a little abstract-y.

*Note to self: when time is limited... do not try a new direction in clay!!

Over the course of 2 days... I probably built up & cut down the head & neck 6-7 times. Except for here (below) when I was getting frustrated... I just ripped it off!

And built it up again...

only to cut it down again...

and again!

After countless hours, I finally settled on this~

Though the back right shoulder is a little large (by the time I got the head right, I had let the lower portion of clay dry a bit too much to paddle in) I like the form alright.

This piece is drying away in the studio & will bisque soon. I also got 2 more finished pieces out of the soda kiln on monday, but I'm still working on editing the photos I took yesterday... will post soon! I'm currently in the midst of packing up in order to be out of my place by the 1st... but hope to catch up with you all soon!


Barb said...

Hi Becky! I'm partial to that second glaze which has a "soft" look. All these "papa Bears!" Glad you found a new place. I guess this will be moving weekend. I'm babysitting 4 of my Grands right now but Bob and I leave for UT on Sunday. Yipppeee - we'll get out of the ever-falling spring snow for awhile. Take care.

John Brisson said...

Just fantastic!!

clairz said...

While I love the first bear, my hands just itch to touch the second one. And I had no idea you could re-do again and again, as you did with the third bear. You've achieved a marvelous tension with that one (in many ways).

Good luck with the move.

marianne said...

catching up- i have missed alot! i love the first glaze- looks furry. i also love the movement of all of them- your sculpture captures a real spirit. it's been interesting to watch the evolution and understand your struggle to get the bear that feels right to you. i love the way that you share your process-