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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Soda Fired Polar Bear # 2

I got the 2nd larger Polar Bear of the semester out of the kiln a couple of weeks ago, but am just getting around to posting! I have been busy as usual, trying to get as much work done as possible... beyond the lengthy building time for each piece, they must dry enough to safely bisque (generally a couple of weeks) then glaze, then await the Soda Kiln... so it is beginning to be crunch time even though classes run for the next month or so.

  Polar Bear Sculpture
Dimensions~ H: 14" L: 14" x W: 14"
Satin Mint Green Modified Cone 10 Glaze
Soda Fired to approx Cone 11

I was pretty happy with the form of this bear, although I did have some minor cracking on this piece. It had 3 little cracks.. 2 at a coil line, which tells me I likely did not blend the coils enough, though one small crack was vertical. Hmmmm... perhaps an issue with the clay body in a hotter than cone 10 firing? I'm not exactly sure, but am anxious to see how the next ones come out. I am in love with this glaze & the fact that while it retains the same characteristics each time, there is no way of knowing exactly where it will break with the crystal formation in the Soda Kiln, which gives each bear it's own unique appearance.

*** On a sidenote, "The Beast," (who is not looking so beastly now that he's bisqued & glazed) is awaiting his final firing, so I'm hoping he'll get in the Kiln this week or next, along with a couple of smaller pieces... hope to have updates soon! 


Barb said...

Well worth the wait! What a handsome guy with his varied markings. The beast? Can't wait to see. Don't know how you manage to work and sculpt clay, too. I see the process is very time-consuming. You're learning so much Becky.

John Brisson said...

My favorite yet!!


clairz said...

These bears of yours always evoke a response in me and I hardly know how to express it. For this one: The lines! The form! The colors!

Someday, I hope that you might do a post showing a sampling of your bears from the beginning to the present, so that we can see their evolution over time.

In the meantime, thank you for sharing your amazing work with us.styoCro16