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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Out of the Kiln~ Soda Fired Polar Bear

I just got my first piece of the semester out of the Kiln this week & I'm pretty excited about it!
I used the same glaze that I made last semester in glaze calc class as I really loved the variation of color & texture that was achieved with that glaze in the Soda Kiln.(Click on the sidebar Polar Bear for details.) It was a difficult piece to photograph. I really need to take the "Photographing Your Artwork" class offered, but at this point, that would just take time away from clay... & I simply can't do that now! I took shots from a few different views to show the variation as best I could. 

Click on image twice to enlarge for greater detail.

Detail of Crystal Formation on the Neck

Soda Fired Polar Bear
Dimensions: Approx 12" H,  21" L, 9 " W
Ann's Soda Cone 10 Clay Body
Satin Mint Green Modified Glaze

Despite using the same clay body & glaze as I used last semester, this piece, while retaining some of the variation as last semester's bear actually came out quite different, but I am totally happy with it.

In other clay news... my 2nd Bear made it through the bisque & is now in the Soda Kiln & will come out next week~ I'm really excited to see how this one turns out! This week is also the last week of my Micaceous Clay Class~ we'll have firings Friday & Saturday, so I should have some new pots to post in the not too distant future. I also finished working on what I have dubbed "The Beast..." a killer 3 week project involving 100 pounds of solid clay... details forthcoming.


Rick said...

Hi Becky - nothing wrong with your photography; I like the perspective you took of the bear by the window. Good luck with bear #2, and I can't wait to get introduced to 'The Beast' !

clairz said...

I want to touch that bear. The surface looks so wonderful.

Randy said...

That bear is awesome! I can't wait to see the next one and the Beast. I think mid-terms went ok. I always worry about it though because when I think it went bad I usually ace it. I hope the grades are posted soon. Have a great week. Did you have the chance to go down for Balloon Fiesta?

Randy said...

Funny thing I just check the grades before I saw your post. I got an A! I can't believe it. Better get to my homework now.

Barb said...

Becky, the soft colorations and crystal formations on the bear make it very special. It has a personality all its own. Will read your current post for more news. It snowed here overnight with blustery winds so all the trees are striped up the side with blown snow. The snow plow woke me this Am!