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Monday, June 18, 2012

"Wilderness is not a luxury, but a necessity of the human spirit..."
~Edward Abbey

So true! Most of my hiking this summer has consisted of local hikes in & around town... which is great, but I really love going deeper in to the mountain wilderness. Last week, a friend I had the same midweek day off... so off to the mountains we went! Our hike started out at the Santa Fe Ski Basin, around 10,000 feet and had us hiking 11 miles up & over 3 peaks~ Deception, Lake, & Penitente. (12,320, 12,409 & 12,249 ft respectively.)
View from Raven's Ridge looking over the burn area from last years Pacheco Fire~

and up to the peaks we would soon ascend.

Climbing higher, we reach & surpass tree line to the summit of Deception Peak... just to the left in the distance.

I am always amazed that these  tiny, delicate, beautiful flowers grow in such high, rugged, windswept country!

We are rewarded for our climb with amazing views in all directions, and breathe deep the thin, clean air.

View into the valley from Deception Peak.
View from Lake Peak down to Nambe Lake Basin.

View from Lake Peak

The trail crosses one of the last snow banks of the season, ascending to Penitente Peak in distance.

View of Santa Fe Baldy from Penitente Peak. I love the scale & how the trees look so miniature.

Back into the valley, we stroll through one of my favorite meadows. 
The remainder of our hike is an easy stroll after the descending the Peaks, and I take in all the detail & beauty that nature has to offer.



sandy said...

I really enjoyed the photos, Becky. the mountains, flowers and sky are just lovely out there. Glad you had a chance to get out hiking.

Ms. Becky said...

oh my, what a glorious hike that must have been. It seems it was vigorous too. I really like the view from Lake Peak, and seeing the last snows. thanks for taking me along. your photos are smashing. happy week to you.

Tammie Lee said...

I feel as though i just took a wonderful hike with you. So much grand beauty and tiny wild alpine flowers as a treat!

Elizabeth Karen said...

Beautiful pics, Beck! Thanks for an awesome hike :-)

Barb said...

Amazing hike, Becky. That should have cleared your mind! What a distance - I bet you slept well that night. I love the little tundra flowers.

clairz said...

Beautiful walk, gorgeous views and flowers. Thank you for taking us along, Becky. I used to hike like this many years ago in British Columbia and Washington state. Your photos always bring back those wonderful experiences.

Annie said...

Beautiful hike! Not so sure I could do it in this heat though.
I hope your move is going well.
email me when you have time, sending hugs.xoxo

architectureofeurope said...

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Randy said...

Looks like it was an amazing hike. I've never been there but hope to make it there one day. Sounds like you've been quite busy. It's nice that your getting out though. Have a wonderful rest of the week. Only three more days and I am on vacation for a week. I haven't had one since last October.