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Monday, January 9, 2012

Welcome 2012 (yes, it's all about the clay!)

I actually got these piece back in 2011- two days before Christmas, but am just getting around to posting! As usual, I got some pieces back that I really loved (some of which became last minute gifts to co-workers) and some total junkers. To be expected I suppose, with all the glaze testing & mixing/overlapping of glazes that I was doing... and I love to experiment! Here they are, the good, the bad & the ugly!

I took good (albeit messy) glaze notes, so I should be able to replicate the ones that I liked should I take another clay class @ SF Clay in the future.

Here are some of my favorites from the final batch~

... and some close ups below.

It was fun playing w/ different styles, clays, & glazes. On some I went for smoothness & perfection, like the ones above... while in others I went for a rougher, more raw & funky look~ like the ones below.

I do like the funkiness of the handle on this one. I gave it to one of my O.T. friends, who commented on the ergonomic feel of the handle.

Experimenting w/ stamping & oxide stains above.

This bowl was a total experiment using several different glazes... I love how it turned out!

It makes me think of a waterfall leading into a high alpine lake.

Glazing in earth & sky.

Even this one has an earthy feel to me. Reminds me of dark, wet granite covered in lichen.

On the inside I sponged on a different glaze~ I totally dig they way the two glazes blended & dripped down.

These two I'm keeping! I borrowed this glaze combo from one of the potters in the studio & I absolutely love it.

Oh, and of course the bears~

Meh~ I think the glaze turned out o.k, but not one of my favorites pieces.

And the rough bear from many posts ago. The general shape & style of this one I like, but the glaze I think turned out so- so.
So that brings us up to date! My class ended several weeks ago... and I have been working like crazy ever since! (though I did squeeze in one Micaceous pot that I made in my "kitchen studio" but it is still in the very rough stage- so I'll save that for another post.)
Wishing you all the best in 2012!!
As for myself, I don't often make "resolutions" per se, but I would like to sit down & write out some goals for 2012.... and you can be sure they are going to include figuring out how to work less & do clay more! If you have any brilliant ideas on the subject, please share! Now, I'm off the computer to pack up- I'm headed west this morning! I'm off to see my family & dear friends, as I was unable to get out there during the Holidays...
Here's hoping your New Year is off to a wonderful start!


Barb said...

That blue lake (I was calling it blue puddle) bowl caught my eye right away. I also love the sky blue inside of the rough outside one. That blue glaze is so soft and pale on the cups and bowl. You accomplished so much this past semester, Becky! Safe trip and have fun with Family. PS I had to laugh at your "notes."

clairz said...

Happy New Year, Becky, and safe travels. I'm so glad to see the rough bear again--he was on my mind. I love your descriptions of all your pieces and your comments on the glazes, all of which make me "see" better.

Lisa (Mountain Photog) said...

You do some truly amazing work! I love the rough textured pieces as I tend to be drawn toward more primitive art but I also love the "alpine lake" bowl. The colors are wonderful.

Pat said...

Those bowls are awesome! What a feeling of accomplishment you must get when you see a finished product!

Sandy said...

Fantastic finishes. I really like the oxide stain one and your funky handle. Happy 2012! =)

Wanda..... said...

Such wonderful pieces, Becky! You are really impressing me with your beautiful work. I'm wondering how many bears you now have in your collection.

Randy said...

What wonderful pieces. I really love that first bear. Wishing you a safe trip and a very Happy New Year. Are you taking any classes in the Spring?

Kate said...

Oh, Becky! You certainly deserve some relaxing time after all your hard work. The glazes on the bowls look fantastic. I particularly like "the lake bowl." You have shown us quite an array of pieces and I love them all. Have a safe journey home and hurry back to do more good clay work!!

Helmka Family said...

Wow! Beautiful creations! I think they all look so lovely. You are very talented.
Have a safe trip!

Ms. Becky said...

oh man do I have some faves. I love the granite-colored lichen one. but the 5-colored bowl on the lower left of the group photo - five thumbs up. love the pale blue glaze too. some really nice stuff. I thought I was the only one who scrawled notes like that! I hope you had a wonderful holiday with family and friends. wishing loads of good cheer, health, and laughter in 2012.

DirtKicker Pottery said...

Happy New Year!!
Love your pots and bears.
Cheers to a clay filled 2012 :)

snowwhite said...

All of your works have warmness which only human hands can create. In my country, the unevenness in the tea cups used in tea ceremony are appreciated, I mean shapes, glaze, texture and more appear in the works accidentally or intentionally. Some of your works remind me of the tea cups for tea ceremony.
All of your works are stunning.
Experimental bowl is a great success. It is so beautiful.

Tammie Lee said...

I am so glad you included close ups of your pots. they really are gorgeous, you have a wonderful way with clay and glazes. lovely 2012 and trip to you!

Annie said...

Becky, how on earth did I miss this post? These are lovely pieces. I tis hard to pick a favorite, but I think the earth and sky bowl is my pick. Great work!