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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Still Playing in Clay :)

Nope, I haven't stopped working in clay since my last class ended... I just haven't been doing as much documentation in process as I normally do. I picked up a short 7 week class at Santa Fe Clay here in town. It's actually a wheel throwing class, but I had some leftover bags of cone 10 clay in my closet, so I've been doing some hand building at home, too.

Still making bears.... :)

Setting up the clay station in my apartment is rather messy... still dreaming of my own studio someday, but I suppose I've gotta make do until then.

Looks like a bear migration, doesn't it? I find them fun & relaxing to make.

In class, I've mainly been working on mugs & bowls.

The 3 shallow bowls in the back are Puki's which I'll use as a base when I get back to Micaceous clay. Though I tend to gravitate towards darker clay bodies, I've been experimenting with lighter clays, too.

I threw these last week... it's funny because when I sat down at the wheel, my original intention was to try to throw identical cylinders, but I found it much more fun to experiment w/ different shapes.


What generally happens, regardless of the fact that I spend all day in the studio on the day of class... is that I run out of time with what ever I'm working on, and either need to triple wrap them to keep them moist until I can get into the studio again... or take them home & work on them there.

Once the handles are made, they generally dry rather quickly, so in this case, I decided to take them home & finish them up that night.

Below~ another bear I made after work one night. I've decided to leave him a little rough & see how he fires up w/ a clear or two toned glaze.

So, that's what I've been up to. I've got the day off today & I don't know how many bowls/mugs that should be out of the bisque & ready to glaze. I haven't got any finished work back yet... but had a few glazed bowls on the rack last week awaiting the final firing, so we'll see!
p.s.~ Happy Thanksgiving! I'll be working, which is actually a good thing... 


clairz said...

Becky, here's to a wonderful Thanksgiving for you, whenever it occurs! Love that rough little bear.

Randy said...

That first bear is so cute I can't wait to see the finished product. You have been a busy clay artist! Sorry you have to work tomorrow but I hope it's a good day. The semester is over for me on the 5th. I am dragging and can't wait for the end.

Barb said...

Came by to wish yo a Happy Thanksgiving, Becky and see you've been working with your clay. You are developing a bear clan! Have a great holiday weekend.

Helmka Family said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Becky!

marianne said...

happy thanksgiving becky! i am so amazed at the work you do with clay- it's all beautiful. can't wait to see thr "rough" bear when finished-

Anniecoeartist@peoplepc.com said...

Ohhhh, I love the rough bear! All the bears are wonderful, but he is my favorite. All you wheel thrown things look perfect! I hope you get some things fired soon!
I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!
If I wake up to sun tommorrow I will be leaving in the afternoon for Kath's. I will keep you posted.

Linda Starr said...

Oh I love your bear migration they look so happy together, you can make them so smooth; I do like the rough bear too, but the smooth ones seem to have more mystery about them, almost as if I can put my idea of what they are thinking on them or them on me. Hope you get chance to fire your work soon. I used to carry lots of stuff home from the classroom when I worked there too. Ha amazed it would all make it.

Wanda..... said...

In my living room, I have a small carved bear I found, at a quaint shop, years ago in Tennessee. I now think of you each time I see it, Becky. I have an excess of similar mugs too, due to my SIL's pottery making. He used to create things here on the property, it was interesting to watch and help. Sometimes I would cut out star shapes, or watch the kiln while he was away. He used to work at the Workshops of David T. Smith.

Wishing you great success, Becky and hope a studio can be acquired in the not too distant future! : )

Tammie Lee said...

everything is so very gorgeous!

Kate said...

You are learning so much, Becky! Carry on!!