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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pot Firing Extravaganza & Finished Pots!

 It seems I am the worst blogger ever these days! Well, what can I say... life has been busy! Today is the first day I've had off in what seems like forever... (even though I had a few days off when my family was here.) I began my "day off celebration" by sleeping for 11 hours, which has been followed by some blissfully "unproductive" time... something I can only dream about when at the J.O.B.
Anyhow, just wanted to share a few pics from the end of my Micaceous Class & show you my finished pots. Below, pics from the Pot Firing Extravaganza! 

Our pots~ placed on racks/pallets & surrounded with bark from the Ponderosa Pine ~ the Pit fire begins.

As the fire burns down, our pots arise from the ashes.

Out of the fire~ our cooling Pots.

Though I didn't get many pots made this semester as it seems I was busy moving my things around Santa Fe... I was pretty happy with the ones I did get finished. 
Below is bean pot # 1.

Same pot, different view~

Bean Pot # 2

Bean Pot # 3

Same Pot, different view~

(Bean pot # 4 did not get finished- had some issues in the sanding phase, sooooo...)
Bean Pot # 5~

# 5 is one of my favorites, though I had quite a bit of help from my instructor on the shaping of this pot, so I don't feel I can take full credit. The squiggly lines are made by throwing horse hair on the pot when it's just out of the fire & still hot. It's the first time I've tried this technique, and I quite like it.
Though I was taking the "Bean Pot Challenge" this semester, I did veer from that assignment to make a casserole, which is pictured below. I had made one last semester that I really wasn't crazy about, so I really needed to do another.

Same casserole, another view. This casserole was the bane of my existence in many ways. It took forever to finish it... many repairs were made & the endless sanding/lid fitting about drove me crazy. That said, it is one of my favorite pieces, so it was well worth the effort!

What am I going to do with all these pots, you might ask? I'm keeping the casserole & bean pot # 5... (yes, as soon as I get some more time I will be cooking in them!) the rest will likely become Christmas gifts this year to some very lucky recipient!

I wanted to give thanks to Felipe Ortega for hosting our firing and providing us hungry potters with a delicious meal...
and especially to Brian Grossnickle for so openly sharing his knowledge about all things Micaceous, for all his hard work in firing our pots, and for the continual encouragement, instruction & feedback he provides his students.
Now~ click on the links above to see some really gorgeous pots!


Barb said...

I always hold my breath when I see the fire on your blog - and then let out a big sigh of pleasure when i see your finished creations. The casserole is just wonderful, Becky. And, who would believe horsehair could produce such wonderful patterns! I say, "Let there be beans!"

Pat said...

I am fascinated by this process and love the outcome! That first pot looks like it has black roses on it! I think these all came out beautifully!

Randy said...

Way to go Becky. These are absolutely wonderful. You should really be proud. What class are you taking next and will you be in the student art sale?

marianne said...

beautiful! you should be proud. i wish i could have made it to santa fe & met you this week- i did enjoy albuquerque tho- maybe next time.

Kate said...

You are learning tons! Lucky friends to get these pots of yours as gifts.

Check out this address; it's one of the photos I took in Mazatlán in February of 2009 and I think it's of your friend Felipe Ortega!!

Wanda..... said...

The casserole dish is just PERFECT, all of your creations are impressive, Becky, they will make wonderful gifts!

Ms. Becky said...

oh be still my heart - pot #5. one of my most treasured pieces ever was one that I brought back from a gallery in Taos. it was made by a man from Santa Fe, I never got his name from the gallery owner. he had used horse hair too, and it had such beautiful lines. well, it got broken one day not so long ago - guess it wasn't meant to be. your pot has such beauty!!! you've done a fantastic job here, I love each and every one. I hope you're getting settled into some sort of normalcy and enjoying autumn. happy day to you Becky!

Anonymous said...

These are beauties, Becky. Not only functional, but so graceful, too.
Thanks for posting the info about the Micaceous pottery. How interesting that this kind of pottery has been made that long.

clairz said...

Ah, Becky, I just love the way these turned out. That wonderful texture and color. No words can really do them justice, so I'll stop trying here.

Annie said...

Wow!!! Becky all of these pots are stunning! You have come so far, you should be proud. Pot # 1 is my fav, it looks perfect. Keep up the great work. xoxo

John Brisson said...

Big "wow" on the pots and also the header photo!!!

Tammie Lee said...

wow, such lucky people to get your pots as gifts, they are gorgeous. I had no idea that hair would leave a pattern, wonderful pattern.

Rick said...

Love that header, Becky - gorgeous !

And your pots are works of art - great colours in the finishes, and I agree on the casserole one - very unique !

And as for catching up on sleep - congrats; I hope to do that some time, but in the meantime ... there's so many other things to do.

Hope your weekend is going well !